State-of-the-Art Fire extinguisher
100% Environmentally friendly, Soluble in water
and much more!

Unique water soluble fire extinguisher!

With incredible cooling qualities, Non-toxic, Non-corrosive and 100% Green!

All seen on this video!

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Our famous State-of-the-Art Fire extinguisher that is dilutable in water, 100% Non-toxic, biodegradable and many more qualities!

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Motor Max

MotorMAX™ has been used for more than a decade on race tracks around the world to help improve performance by reducing engine temperatures, fuel consumption and increase A/C strength.

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Odor Seal

Odor Seal is an environmentally friendly, odor eliminator that gets rid of the toughest odors quickly, safely, and effectively, without the use of masking agents or perfumes.

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Fire Block is a specially formulated, environmentally friendly product which is used to block fire in all Class A materials. It forms a thermal insulation barrier that prevents dangerous flames from spreading, this is extremely useful in many cases.

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