Motor Max

MotorMAX™ has been used for more than a decade on race tracks around the world to help improve performance by reducing engine temperatures.

Now available for your gas and diesel cars and trucks! Not only does it help protect your engine, it also improves gas mileage by reducing stress on your engine - and makes your air conditioner put out warmer air in winter and colder air in summer!

There is absolutely no need to replace your current radiator liquid as MotorMax can also be mixed with anti-freeze. Simply add just one Liter of MotorMax into your radiator and it will help provide year-round performance and protection in ALL weather conditions.

  • Prevents overheating
  • Maximizes air conditioning output
  • Prolongs life of engine by transferring more heat away from critical engine components
  • Enhances engine performance by eliminating horsepower-robbing 'hot spots'
  • Reduces cold temperature engine wear by bringing temperatures to the ideal operating range 40% faster than standard coolant mixes
  • Non-toxic biodegradable plant-based mixture is environmentally friendly. A scientific breakthrough in cooling technology

Safe, non-corrosive formula is compatible with all internal engine parts which has more than just one benefit.

Faster Engine Warm-up: 

When cooling a system that uses a thermostat or other means of controlling water flow until a certain water temperature is obtained, MotorMax will absorb the heat of the engine parts, transferring heat evenly throughout the engine. When MotorMax is added to water it acts like a heat sink. The water temperature will rise faster, reducing the time for warm up. The heat is evenly transferred to all of the engine parts creating a more even warm up, reducing cold start-up wear and tear. Additionally, this translates into a big fuel saving, allowing equipment to be put into service sooner with faster warm-up.

Reduces Internal Engine Parts Temperature: 

Acting like heat sink, Motor Max has the ability to remove heat form internal engine parts. Reducing the operating temperature of the internal parts of your engine has a major impact on the wear and tear of engine components

Reduces Hot Spots In Engines: 

All engines have some variance in water temperature from front to back or side to side. MotorMax, with its ability to absorb heat and transfer it evenly, actually reduces the potential of hot spots and virtually eliminates steam pockets. MotorMax has shown to reduce the variance of temperature in hot spots by up to 22°C. The ability to reduce hot spots is vital in the search for horsepower. Controlling the hot spots now suggests that the window can be stretched just a bit further when seeking the last ounce of horsepower from performance engines.

Reduces Engine Temperature Rise During Pit Stops and in Traffic Jams: 

MotorMax will also keep your water temperature lower in conditions where there is little or no airflow. With its ability to pull more heat out of the motor and into the radiator, MotorMax helps keep your engine cooler while idling.

MotorMax used in a 1:15 ratio with any engine coolant dramatically improves the cooling system performance. Keeping your engines temperature in check not only extends the life of the engine and cuts down on maintenance, but also dramatically improves its performance and cuts down on overall emissions.

Whether driving your family car, operating heavy duty piece of equipment or military vehicles. MotorMax is your answer. MotorMax is a breakthrough cooling system additive available for the first time to the motoring public worldwide.

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